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This website is all grey...
...but I am not!

Yes, that's right! I am probably one of the most colorful and positive people you will ever encounter in your life. If you look for somebody ambitious and hard working but at the same time somebody that will not bore your team to death - look no further!

Piotr Wyszynski


I am very familiar with HTML5 and CSS3. I have the experience and skills needed to create most of the requested templates with HTML and CSS on their own but as well using Boostrap framework. I am able to use GIMP and Photoshop to process and cut images.


That is at this very moment my language number one. I am confident using core Java Script and jQuery but I have also experience and strong fundation in using AngularJS and Node.js. Did I mention AJAX already? No, well... I've been using it too!


I may not be PHP and MySQL expert but I am able to create basic server side scripts. That gives me strong understanding on how the data is processed and how it should be prepared on client side before it travels its way to the server.

Much more

Java was for a long time my main language. I have completed Python, C# and C++ courses. I have built 3d game using Unity Engine. I have done some programming using Racket (dialect of common Lisp). Putting long story short - I love to learn and love to be in the environment that challenges me and my skills. Tell me what you need - I will learn it.


Are you looking for JS Ninja?

Everyone can have one. How about samurai?



JavaScript 75%
Bootstrap 75%
AngularJS 50%
Node.js 30%


PHP 65%
MySQL 50%


Python 50%
Java 80%
Racket 75%
C# 30%
C++ 35%

*Measured as % of the full pack of coffee used while using those technologies. Assume that 40% and less was just enough to get to know the idea of how it works and what it is. But don't be worried. You need it - I learn it! Even if it is not on the list.


My name is Piotr Wyszynski. It might be hard to believe but if you track my ancestors back to 17th century you'll find I am related to last of the most famous Japanese samurais. Just kidding. I am able to make decent sushi and speak a bit of Japanese but that's all. Well... If you ask me to I can also wear a kimono and as I have done some Judo, Akido and Iaido I should be able to do some 'samurai stuff' too. But that's not where my relation to samurais ends...

I am loyal and hard working - as expected from a Japanese warrior. I love to work with better than me - it challanges me to do my best. I am kind of person that always does whatever she or he can to achieve the goal. I learn quickly - and love to develop new skills. I like to be prepared - for everything.

Expect me to be deadly honest. That sounds bad but don't worry - as I mentioned above I am probably the most positive person you will ever encounter. I am realistic but ambitious at the same time. I don't like 'good enough solutions'.

I am looking for a company where I will be able to make a difference and stay long time. I'd love to have a clear career path. I believe if you give me a chance, you will see - I will be a part of the team that everyone can count on.


Polish 100%
English 95%
Italian 60%
Japanese 25%


70% Photoshop
65% GIMP
80% MS Office
50% 3D blender
50% Unity 3D

Work experience

Euro Finanz Service
1.01.2011 – 17.01.2012

Financial Intermediary
Nemo Cafe
2.2012 – 9.2012

Assistant Manager
the Bread Shop Company
9.2012 – 1.2013

Barista acting as shift supervisor
Yo! Sushi
1.2013 – 04.2016

Assistant Manager/Senior Supervisor
Middlesex University
1.2015 – 05.2015

Student Learning Assistant
05.2016 - 07-2016

Personal achievments:
  • 5 medals in Judo, yellow belt in Krav Maga
  • Teaching over 1500 people how to make sushi!
  • Twice typing master of Silesia (record 590 char/min)
  • Hiked on the most dangerous Polish mountain path
  • Creating several poems and short stories
  • 5 days survival course with ex SAS soldiers
  • Many more...

What they say...

Mr Ed Currie

Associate Professor in Computing & Multimedia Technologies
Middlesex University, London

Piotr [...] was an excellent student and is an excellent programmer. He was very supportive to his fellow students, both informally and in the capacity of SLA, a post whereby second and third year students are hired to help out first year students in labs. I am very happy to recommend him.

Dr Franco Raimondi

Associate Professor
in Logic and Verification
Middlesex University, London

Piotr has worked at several projects in addition to his assignments. He has developed both software and hardware in a variety of languages and using a range of tools. Piotr is highly motivated and I am happy to recommend him for software (and hardware) development.

See ref on LinkedIn [EN]
Mrs Halina Hrynczyszyn

Head teacher
Schools complex no. 2

Piotr [...] consistently demonstrates a very high standard of academic achievements. [...] He is always keen to broaden his knowledge, skills, and interests through participation in various educational projects, community actions, artistic undertakings and academic competitions. He has often been the winner of such competitions. [...] He is creative, full of initiative, friendly, helpful and sensitive to the needs of others.

See full reference [EN]
Mrs Małgorzata Lach

Head of professional training
Student council supervisor
Schools complex no. 2

[...] Piotr Wyszynski became known as a person robust and engaged in the work of the Student Council. He was able to organize his and other's people work. He effectively interacted with the local community. He was distinguished by the ability to make quick and accurate decisions. His actions brought measurable benefits to the school community.

See full reference [PL]
Prof. Chris Huyck

Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Middlesex University, London


+44 (0)20 8411 5412

Mrs Jurgita Rinkeviciute

Executive, NSE

E-mail: jurgitar97@gmail.com

Phone: +44 7854369694

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